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Positronics Seeds - Purple Haze #1

Purple Haze #1

Constructed from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety up until the '70, this plant posseses an incredible resin development. Deliver a clear and energetic high.

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Positronics Seeds - Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino Seeds

Blue Rhino is the outcome of careful selection among numerous plants from a classical breeding procedure that makes positive that simply one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids more knowledgeable growers were demanding.

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Positronics Seeds


One of the first of the Holland seed breeders, Positronics has earned a solid and respected reputation. Positronics set out with the mission of ensuring that home growing supplies were available to everyone.

A.M.S greenhouse seeds

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by thestonedroses, Dec 2, 2008.

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    thestonedroses Novice Gardener

    just chopped my first a.m.s plant down early ...say a week or so.. dryed the lot..:D

    smells like tropical um-bongo(soft drink) fresh citrus flavour.. followed by a kick and great stoneage:rastabong

    can wait to leave the others for amber trichs!! roll on dec 10th:rocker:

    kool plant to grow:cold: ... medium height too for all you closet growers!:electric:

    7 out of 10 for first impressions!
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    NYSBUDKING Novice Gardener


    whats the yield?
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    thestonedroses Novice Gardener

    i only vegged for about 22 days so these girls are only over a metre high.. i can see plenty of potential with this plant if you gave it a good ol veggin out for a month or so..

    these beans are cheap too for fem seeds.:asleep: :sniper:

    my next will be scog'd an vegged for longer plus im hoping to start some clones:silvermj: , a blue mystic thrown in there too will add a bit of variation!:agreed:

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