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Positronics Seeds - Purple Haze #1

Purple Haze #1

Constructed from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety up until the '70, this plant posseses an incredible resin development. Deliver a clear and energetic high.

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Positronics Seeds - Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino Seeds

Blue Rhino is the outcome of careful selection among numerous plants from a classical breeding procedure that makes positive that simply one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids more knowledgeable growers were demanding.

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One of the first of the Holland seed breeders, Positronics has earned a solid and respected reputation. Positronics set out with the mission of ensuring that home growing supplies were available to everyone.

Bat guano and worm castings

Discussion in 'Organics' started by jgrow, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Does bat guano attached animals? How about work castings?
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    they are about the only things that dont atract animals.

    bone and blood meal atract lots of pests. so does fish products. ive never had an animal(mostly deer here) dig up my guano soil.
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    shrubz naturally aspirated

    compost shouldnt attract critters either, as long as there was'nt any meat bi products added in there and it has fully decomposed.

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