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Brita water filter, is this good?

Discussion in 'Planting Indoors' started by brianithicus, Aug 21, 2001.

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    brianithicus Guest

    I put my water through a Brita water filter before I give it to my plants. Is it good to use the filter? Any opinions would be great.

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    pontoon Ultimate Gardener

    Howdy brianithicus...

    ...yer Brita water for yer babies should be fine. I have been using reverse osmosis filtered h2o from the machine outside the grocery store and my babies seem to like it. Your Brita does a good job of taking care of chlorine and other nasties in your city water. However, from what I've recently read about chlorine is that it isn't as bad for your weed than you think...but I like the taste of clean, filtered water.... so I share it with my loved ones.

    Keep 'em green,

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    Reverse osmosis does'nt have sodium..

    Just make sure (because I'm not) that your brita filter does'nt use Carbon to filter the water. Carbon filters contian a high amount of sodium (SALTS) that could build up and cause problems in the Long run.:D :D :D

    Good Grow and enjoy the redeyz:cool:

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