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Brix Plus Wet Cure

Discussion in 'Plant Food & Nutrients' started by smokeddope, Feb 22, 2006.

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    smokeddope Seedling

    I have purchased a product called "Brix Plus" it is produced by "Guerilla Gardener" and is 100% organic, Its purpose is to "Add weight to your buds, enhance yield, taste and colour" On the back the directions are to "apply directly from bottle, spray onto plant 10 days before harvest, re-apply 5 days before havest and spray with water 1 day before harvest.
    Then it says to soak and agitate dry buds in the formula for 10 mins and then allow to air dry.

    I was just wondering if anyone had come across this product before and how effective is it?
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    Hey smoked!!

    Iv never herd of this before but my friend did have this spray once that smelled and tasted like juicyfruit gum once. Hed spray the buds at night then in the morning when wed roll 1 up all you cna smell is juicy fruit gum. not even weed. And when it burns all you taste is juicyfruit and smell. It was very suprizing cuz I really didnt beleive it could work. I mean the smell of burning weed is so strong. I was totally suprized.

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    good or not good??

    Sorry my shit english..

    So the bad things:

    I think, brix is not too bad, from these replies:

    SO if its Improves Taste, Improves Yield, and Increases Maturation, and not visible, it's not bad thing.

    It's really not visible?

    Which id the better/effectivest method to improve yield with brix (whithout big sugar crystal visibility)? The foliar spaying before harvest, or wet cure application after harvest in brix bath. Or drying, then brix bath?

    And which is the difference "Guerilla Gardener Brix Plus" and "Green Planet Hydroponics brix+"? Only the price? Both specification really similar, but the GPH is far cheapest.

    Anybody Before-After Pics?
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    bluecheese Best Ass Admin Ever

    I googled "brix wet cure" and found this.
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    cheeselova! Novice Gardener

    Brix+ is evil!!!!!

    :( :angry: If you spay that shit on your plant your a con merchant a teeth and a prick.
    Any unnatural products put into plants is bound to have a negative effect.
    I've got a bag of green CONTAMINATED with this EVIL SHIT! I've just spent my last score on it and am now reluctant to smoke it definatly removed the enojment factor.

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    Hard to believe this came up again...

    "If cannabis was supposed to contain 'brix', it would probably have evolved/been created to do so by now."--anon.

    Use Wikipedia and search "Lacing (drugs)"'s listed there...
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    Wow Cheese necro post.. though I did have a :lol:

    I can't believe a product like this is actually on the market though..
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    I have read that soaking the contaminated weed in warm water and letting the "Brix+" dissolve works well enough to try. Dry your buds afterward and smoke as normal.

    Good luck...
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    penguin Grand Master Gardener

    Hi cheeselova!, welcome to the Garden. :hello:

    As you may have noticed, this is a gardening site. Most people here grow their 100% of thier own stash, or at leat aspire to do so. So most of us don't have to worry about adulterants. If you start growing your own, you won't have to worry, either.

    Based on the product descritption it's just another run-of-the-mill additive for late flower. For anyone who doesn't know, "brix" is a measure of sugar dissolved in in plant sap. Cannabis does have measurable brix. This product is supposed to increase it. I wouldn't use this product myself, but not because i think it poses any danger.

    The Lacing (drugs) page on wikipedia is entirely without references, except for one UK Department of Health report concerning ground glass contamination in marijuana.

    :sigh: chlorophyll does not break down to chloroform.

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    What do you think about the soaking of your :MJ: in it before it cures? Do you find that to be benign?

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