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Discussion in 'Harvesting, Drying & Storage' started by SmokinSeminole, Jul 21, 2004.

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    SmokinSeminole Novice Gardener

    There is a product in the state you can pick up at wallyworld called Damprin. It consists of little 'balls' of some chemical that sucks the moisture out of the air to prevent mold, humidity, etc. We used it in the dorms at college lots because we had such horrible air circulation.

    Anyway, would it be safe to use this in the same area as the buds when drying? I figure it might speed the drying process up a bit. Anyone try this?

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    swipht bullitz

    I sincerely doubt that it would work, the balls dont suck moisture from the air, the moisture that lands on them is absorbed by them so they wuld absorb the moisture from buds but only after the moisutre left the buds and got into the air so it wuldnt do u much good unless u were trying to dry them in a box or something which is kinda stupid.
    It may decrease the humidity in the room which may help the buds dry faster how much it wuld help i don't know it wuld probably take just as long to decrease the humidity as it wuld to dry the buds.
    I don't see any reason why they would be dnagerous if they dont touch the buds.
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    grass_hopper I don't know why I'm here

    No, no - this works super good. THe balls are nothing but calcium chloride pellets, same stuff used in ice melt. They sell 50 lb bags of it at Agway for $10, about an order of magnatude less than what you'll pay at the hardware store for damprid. It's also used on gravel driveways to keep the dust down.

    I use calcium chloride in my flowering room to keep humidity low and have used it to speed dry bud and other off-topic fungi that I can't mention here. I keep a big pile of it on top of a perforated bucket lid and it brought the humidity down 20% easy. I also put 5-6 of these little setups in my basement - you'd be shocked at how much water I collect and dump out and how much less musty it is down there.

    TO dry buds or whatever put a few cm of this stuff in the bottom of a tupperware tub and over that put a wire rack, like the kind your mom used for cooling cakes and cookies. Put this over the pellets so your buds aren't touching it, and then seal it tight. It doesn't take long - a day or two, and the pellets will draw all the moisture out into a soupy mess on the bottom, but your buds will be dry.
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    swipht bullitz

    No one had replied to his post yet and it was 2 weeks old.
    I thought he atleast deserved my advice.
    And as far as I can tell everything I said was right, except the amount of time it i geussed it would take the product to lower the humidity, the balls draw humidity in from the air and this lowers the humidity in the room whihc helps the buds dry faster.
    Also hopper suggested putting them in a box to help it work faster which I alos said would work but seemed a bit dum.
    I just didn't realize it would work so fast. I posted on this message becuase no1 else had, this guy wanted an answer and no1 was even willing to give him the slightest thought that it would work.
    Anyway enough petty argueing, thx for the input hopper, I really appreciate you correcting my mistakes.
    Might be worth getting some of this stuff myself.

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