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Easy DMT Plants?

Discussion in 'Flowers & Herbs' started by Muskogee Herbman, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Samson Smith Seedling

    I have read your information related to the mimosa extract. It is very useful. I know that Mimosa is obtained from the actual roots of the tree. It is natural and free of any harmful products. I think it is useful method to prepare the mimosa extract. I have seen the image of mimosa extract. Very nice!! Thanks
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    I think DMT is on the long list of the next generation of a drug. Not many people know about DMT comparison to how many people do drugs. I remember first hearing about it in 11th grade..i thought wow that sounded like some crazy shit.

    Idk if this is true or not...but my friend told me his friend smoked dmt...and even though it was a 5 minute trip..this dude who smoked it felt like he lived DAY BY DAY for 2 years and like had a son and all this crazy shit. He was very mentally fucked up for like a few weeks after...imagine 2 years in 5 minutes...thats almost scary. Maybe he took WAY too much.

    Whats this stuff sell for?
  3. Pretty expensive depending on where you're at. It is VERY difficult to find most of the time cos like you said not many people know about it.
    A hit is generally .05 - .1 and runs from 60-200 a g depending on supply and demand.
    DMT is the easiest way to become familiar with the psychadelic experience and elevated levels of consciousness, because you can go from completly normal to any level of the experience in seconds.
    I've only been to level 5 once.
    Psychedelic experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Samson Smith Seedling

    Very nice experience!! There are many vendors that selling mimosa hostilis.There are some good online vendors of quality Mimosa Hostilis out there that buy the bark from the suppliers. These vendors import this bark to the USA and then sale it for profit.
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Two years and a son? Bwahaha! I think your friend has watched too much Star Trek Next Generation!

    Ayahuasca is also a DMT experience (DMT is the primary ingredient and it is orally ingested instead of smoked) yet much different with a far longer high than inhaled DMT. DMT is a truly wonderful drug but like other strong hallucinogens there are hazards. Newbies should probably stick with smoking the drug.
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    KasperMan420 Sour Diesel Tiller

    so is this generally easy to cultivate and extract? sounds pretty interesting TBH.
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Well, growing the root bark isn't going to be easy up here but I suppose several of the other plants sources would be. The problem with the plants would be in the quantity of DMT available for extraction from any given plant. Some may require A LOT of organic material making extraction a rather laborious project. That's why most people just purchase the root bark or similar source. Like I already pointed out too, the extraction process CAN be rather hazardous. It isn't complicated but if there were to be an open flame somewhere you could really light yourself up (as well as your home).

    Have you considered growing mushrooms? Much less complicated and pretty much zero hazards in that no extraction process is necessary.
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    Samson Smith Seedling

    Yeh!! I agree with you, these links are very useful and give a information how to make mimosa extract. Very nice.
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    KasperMan420 Sour Diesel Tiller

    Yeah I'm interested in growing mushrooms but never made the leap into getting a spore print/syringe from a friend or online yet.

    Never done DMT, but, I wouldn't mind trying my hand in it atleast once, sometime in the future.

    Awesome thread guys. :)
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    jekkler Always learning

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