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Fix Lumtek Ballast

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Allglad, Jun 17, 2012.

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    anyone know what to do about fix'n a Lumtek digital Ballast?

    Mine started to make noise (via a spark noise on my radio the last few times it came on) & now it makes a spark noise when I try to get it to fire & I also see a spark right where I press the reset button.

    Now it wont fire at all.

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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    Wish i could help but sounds dangerous...have you done any searches on google to see if other people have had this problem? I am real paranoid about the ballast failing or the bulb exploding and catching fire...its just a risk we realistically live with...we could all easily burn our houses down if parts fail and so do our circuit breakers. I hope you find an answer allglad! Its good information for all of us to know in case of an emergency. God forbid we lose a big harvest cause of failing parts..that'd be the worst :boohoo:
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    waveguide off the scale

    as an impecunious electronic musician, i've been "fixing" electronics for almost a quarter century.. it's called "circuit bending" where you take some cheap piece of crap and try to make it cooler by messing with it. somehow electrical theory never absorbed well.. i guess i haven't had the right projects or something so i still have a very random set of facts.

    equipped with this "knowledge", and, when fortunate, a soldering iron and multimeter, i have often been successful in fixing things i had no idea about.. eg. switches often build up carbon deposits on their contacts.. if you open them up and scrape it off your switch works again..

    ..that said, i have also buggered gear in the same way. my fender tube champ is currently non-operational after i tried to tweak the spring reverb (practically inaudible in this model.. it can be tweaked, but too much and kaboom..).

    all in all, a little knowledge can be dangerous. good luck, however you proceed.

    nb. if you *do* decide to try it yourself, here are some basics... in digital equipment, never touch chips.. the static can destroy them. in any equipment, umm.. stay away from the power stuff, like the big capacitors for the transformer.. (and of course, never open the chassis when something is plugged in..) otherwise, you're probably safe to look, if it isn't breaking a warranty. a ballast??? hmmm... probably not a whole lot of nescient-serviceable parts...
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    I think I will just try and warrantee it with HTG

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