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Flushing Techniques Consolidation.... (experienced growers only please)

Discussion in 'Harvesting, Drying & Storage' started by GrOwThMoNgeR, May 23, 2012.

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    STAN-THE-MAN Seedling

    im using GH nutrients in soil,
    flora nova bloom and kool bloom liquid and dry.

    will a 2 week flush with just fresh water make up for me not using flora kleen for the final week or so?

    i too am having trouble with rating peoples posts. i can only 'like' them.
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    Tbh my last plants i harvested..didnt flush at all...absolutely no difference. Tastes just as great and isnt harsh..tbh at this point in time i think flushing is a bunch of b/s...its just a myth
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    CamperDon Master Gardener

    Good morning and Happy first day of Summer,

    I don't believe its quite a myth yet, there is a place for flushing - it just may not be a need in your enviroment.

    For those who still use crappy chemicals as feed supplements or for those odd times when somethings been added to any given plants medium, that wasn't suppose to be added now ... needs to be flushed.

    I used to flush my plants midway through a flower cycle, just because I thought the plants would enjoy the water only - though, I might have been wrong in this thinking process but, never saw adverse reactions from the plants that were.
    OTOH, I was using Peter's chem ferts back then.

    The removal of salt buildup from a medium when chem ferts are used require flushes every now and then.

    Is it a myth yet? IMHO - I don't believe so! Your milage will always vary.

    Have a Great day
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    I think in can be necessary..but for organic just hasnt made a difference IMO...i hear what your saying...i should've directed by statement to soil growers.
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    bobbooty Silent

    the only thing i do to "flush" the salts out of my hydro medium, is use clearex for cleaning my hydroton. i use it full strength (about 1-2 cups per roughly 10 gal), without live plants in the medium, in a large container with hot water, i let it sit for an hour or so (soak) and then rinse with hot water then repeat until i have all the medium cleaned. I do this maybe twice a year, but i do not flush "normally".

    there are some hydro growers i know that throw away their medium after every grow. Technically, they would never need to flush, either. Its usually only needed when the medium is being re used, or if the plant is growing in the same medium for more then 2 months at a time (like mother plants, etc). Because if you dont, what happens is the mother plants die from nute lockout due to the high salt content accrued, assuming the grower uses a high salt content nute, like GH. The grow and bloom have high salts, the micro, not so much.
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    Plantguardian Seedling

    I've been growin' for many years (steadily for the past 15, intermittently before then) and back when I used Miracle Grow I found it was essential to flush for 10-14 days otherwise the smoke was quite harsh, but the same plants, flushed for 2 weeks, had a noticeably smoother smoke and a tastier flavor. Not just my opinion, but my friends and fellow growers in my neighborhood agreed too.

    Now that I've been using Fox Farm's Happy Frog soil for seedlings and clones and Ocean Forest when they get bigger and up through bud, complemented as needed with Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, not only are the plants (same strains) bigger and bulkier but there is a pronounced lack of any chemical harshness or after taste. I tried going organic and using Fox Farm products as an experiment, and I'm convinced, I'll never go back to Miracle Grow... and unless for some reason I can't, I'll always flush my girls for a while right before I harvest.

    I have just taken the plants and put 'em in the shower, drenched 'em, let 'em drain, and did that every other day for a couple weeks, but city water always has a lot of chemicals so I don't do that anymore. Now I just take each plant, individually, and put it in the sink or bathtub (depending on size) and pour 1/2 gallon of distilled water through them every other day for 10-14 days, a little less if they start ripening faster than hell (which has happened to me a couple times, not complaining).
    When I've got plants outside I flush 'em if we haven't had hardly any rain and don't expect any, but usually I quit givin' ferts a few weeks before I plan to harvest and nature usually does a decent job of flushing.

    Hope that's helpful for ya.
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    bobbooty Silent

    OT (off topic) - one of these days im gonna do a little experiment. im going to grow identical strain plants in 2 hydroponic trays, one given the usual schedule, the other given the "flush" schedule. then grow 2 identical strain plants in 2 separate pots of soil, with the same rules. (see above). harvest, dry, cure as normal. then have a group of people selected to judge the end product on looks, smell, taste. It should be 4 samples (2 hydro, 2 soil) of the same strain given a nute schedule 2 different ways. it would be a blind test, i wont tell the subjects how the samples were grown. i would then record the reactions, opinions, etc. this should give a pretty definitive answer to this.

    my original plan (maybe ill do something like it combined with the experiment above) was to do something like penn and tellers "bullshit" episode "organic foods", you can watch it here:

    part 1

    part 2
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    If i ever get a good mother plant going..i will take 2 clones and do the same experiment bobbooty! Just remember when actually sampling the buds..lets try not to do it like they do in the cannabis cup...sit there and smoke a strain every 10 minutes and try to document its effects *SHIIIIIT THAT STRAIN FROM 30 MINUTES AGO JUST FUCKED ME UP* <---- first thing that came to mind

    All of this would have to be genuinely honest so we can document some real results here. Let me wrap up this grow and we'll have a go of this!
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    CamperDon Master Gardener

    Good morning,

    Qoute from bobbooty: "then grow 2 identical strain plants in 2 separate pots of soil, with the same rules. (see above). harvest, cure and dry as normal." end qoute - Not in that order I hope..

    I've always found the best times for taste testing was in the morning hours sometime after breakfast. This seemed to be the best time for taste testing as i've not had anything in my system since the night before. This fresh new outlook always seemed to be opened minded enough to except whatever new flavor i'd inhale and give the best results of said effects afterwards.

    I'd always found it hard after partaking in one variety to give an accurate assessment of any given taste test when i've already partaken in other things. I also think the samples given should consist of three (3) rather then two (2) and that there should be a control sample of the normal way you grow for comparison purposes.

    Have a Great day and good luck with the experimental grows and taste tests
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    bobbooty Silent

    a minor detail. lol. fixed. anyways, "cure" is something that is an ongoing occurance, because i get rid of or move everything i produce within a matter of days or weeks as soon as it is dry enough to do so. "curing" occurs long after it has left my hands, technically. what i mean is, it is constantly being "cured" by way of people opening the container/bag/jar whatever, all the time.

    also, what would be your example of the grouping in the experiment? i only see 2 groups of each, whats the third? group one is the "normal" way i grow, group two is the "flush" group, whats the third? actually if i think about it, a third group already technically exists, outside of this experiment, which is the rest of the grow room.

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