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Getting the PH right in soil

Discussion in 'Plant Food & Nutrients Reference' started by kosmo, Mar 22, 2006.

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    PH seems to be the problem for most soil growers. ive been looking into hydro feedings and how they feed them, but is there away for soil that is easy and practicle. so u can know ur PH of the soil and Nutes??
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    There are electronic readers that do a fairly good job of measuring PH in soil but are rather expensive. I have a mid level model made by Hanna that does a fairly good job of measuring PH and I've honestly never had a single problem with it. Just needs to be calibrated from time to time.
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    a easy way to test the soil is by watering with water that u know the PH already. then water ur plants untel water starts to drip. empty it into another cup. then PH test the water in the cup. compare to the water u started with. pridy easy. example. u feed R/O water (PH7) it comes out of the soil with a PH of 6 u know now that ur soil is alittle acidic. understanding ur soils PH will make ur grow, grow. and when u put ur liquid Nutes in it it will lower the PH even more so make shere ur Soils Ph is alittle higher next time.
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    ColSmoke Account Closed

    I thought trying to adjust the soil PH with water was a bad idea since it can cause fluxuations?

    Not sure if it's true or not, but I know I heard it somewheres.
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    ur not ajusting the PH you are just simply testing the soils PH

    use limestone for an ajustment if u need to ballance PH in soil
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