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great white shark from greenhouse seeds

Discussion in 'Genetics' started by dr-stevo, Jun 6, 2012.

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    im quite new to growing and only ever grown feminized great white shark from greenhouse seeds. this strain was chosen based on a recommendation from a friend that has tried numerous strain and found this one grows the best for the indoors hydro setup. however im kind of getting a bit bored of the smoke and want to try a different strain.

    he recommended this great white shark because:

    1. indica (doesnt get too tall and wide)
    2. mild odor
    3. high mold resistance
    4. 8-10 week flowering
    5. good yield
    6. grows well

    im sure there were others but i cant think of them right now.

    anyway im just wondering can anyone recommend a strain that ticks all of the boxes above and has other advantages. i like to try something new.
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    I would try trainwreck :)
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    waveguide off the scale

    not sure what you want in condition #1 as i don't see indica being the only choice for compact if you train.

    the common choices for low odor are of course northern lights and c99, neither of which are anything to sneeze at. i also hear GWS is pretty good, so you may have ot do some searching before you find somethnig different that meets your expectations. maybe you need a sativa for interesting.

    if you can afford to, investigate autos. things are happening over at the only downside imo is that they're often more expensive than photoperiod strains.

    in my modest career as a strainho i've found there's a lot of different kinds of different. happy exploring.
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    I'm still trying to make sense out of your post. Have you been growing this strain or are you asking us if you should?
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    LOL after rereading it again..i am now wondering the same thing to the op?!
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    Apologies if I was unclear. They only strain I have ever grown is great white shark. The reason I went with this strain was because of a recommendation from a friend. The recommendation was based on the factors in the list.
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    #1 is because of the limited space. training will help this and a lot of training adds significantly to the veg time. also sativas generally have a longer flowering time too which is why i prefer indicas.
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    waveguide off the scale

    strain recs are just hard to produce realistically. i mean, if someone is a complete noob and wants to order straight away, then a few pointers are worthwhile.. someone here pointed me at durban poison (low odor, sativa) when i was ignorant and it worked well for me.

    after the first one, it's worth taking the time to start trawling through the immense and fascinating amount of bullshit online.. icmag is a must. it also gives you a feel for how substantial (or insubstantial) these kind of refs are... and the products..

    female seeds c99 is supposed to be a 6 week strain (as is critical 33). don't know if i believe it, but they're inexpensive and the grows look good. my c99 hybrid was a fairly vigorous, versatile plant that took some punishment.
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Usually lower odor but I normally wouldn't suggest a sativa like Durban Poison to a rookie grower in an indoor grow. Cool that it worked our for you though. The C99 I've seen so far seem to be fairly forgiving and a good choice for a beginner. In fact, I don't think there is anything bad I can say about C99 so far (mosca bx-1 anyway).

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