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growing pot under water

Discussion in 'Theories & Speculation' started by dr gonzo, Dec 21, 2007.

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    well, the water would difuse the light to the point where the plant (used to growing at high altitudes in very sunny areas) would not get enough light.
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    Hash O'Kief always Hashy

    Stomata close

    The valves or windows on the undersides of the leaves that let air in are called stomata.

    under high heat :thermom:
    or low humidity :tweed:
    or high humidty :rain:
    ...they close to protect the plant
    the plant holds it's breath

    sticking the leaves underwater will cause the stomata to close
    plant growth will virtually stop

    yes I know a lot of plants can grow under water
    they are set up that way

    maybe if you cross your :MJ: with some sea-kelp
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    still wouldn't work. the stomata open to let H2O OUT not in, water does not go in the stomata. if the stomata are closed to prevent the water from coming in, they cannot absorb the CO2.
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    evolution doesn't work that quickly, unfortunately.

    you would need to breed many many many generations of seeds with each generation of parents being grown in this way. I still don't think it would be feasible. however, theoretically yes you could over time make the plant adapt to such conditions.
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    LOL. Sorry, didnt mean to be such a negative nancy, but unfortunately, the facts speak for themselves.
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    buzzmobile You rang?




    Fuggin' stoners.:lol: I'm pretty sure this discussion falls under the Speculation part of this forum.

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    This is rediculous. There are large differences in aquatic vs terestrial vegetation for tons of reasons. Just as mammals breathe air, drink water, and regulate their bodily systems to retain moisture, plants also have specific adaptations for living in an environment surrounded by air. The flowers are expecting pollen to fly in on the wind. Water is to enter their roots and evaporate from their leaves.

    Things don't just change their life strategy because we want them to, and i'm certain that this will not work. Basically it's like trying to invent a new marine mammal by throwing a cat into the ocean...your cat's just gonna die.
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    buzzmobile You rang?

    Gills are for fish! I'm a cat, damnit. Gimme a break and a tank refill.

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    qtipbud Account closed

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    dolphins are actually thought to have evolved from a wolf-like mammal whose habitat and feeding relied heavily on water.

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