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Constructed from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety up until the '70, this plant posseses an incredible resin development. Deliver a clear and energetic high.

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Blue Rhino is the outcome of careful selection among numerous plants from a classical breeding procedure that makes positive that simply one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids more knowledgeable growers were demanding.

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One of the first of the Holland seed breeders, Positronics has earned a solid and respected reputation. Positronics set out with the mission of ensuring that home growing supplies were available to everyone.

Happy frog 0-5-0 guano and seedlings

Discussion in 'Seed Germination' started by PurpleUrkle, Jun 16, 2012.

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    PurpleUrkle Seedling

    I purchased a 72 site jiffy pellet site with pellets, and a heating mat today from HD. I have had some of the HFBG around and know that myco. and humic acid are good for root growth and nutrient uptake. i was thinking of mixing a small amount to some distilled water, and brewing it for 2 days while my seeds crack, and letting the jiffys in the water mix. Is the P going to hurt anything? i have the general hydro GO line and was going to use the root stimulater and soak the jiffys in a weak solution of that. Should I wait for the first few weeks of flowering to use the HFBG?

    I know most people dont add anything to there seedlings but i dont see the harm in the early introduction of humic acid and mych. bac. to the root structure. i really dont want to have to go buy anything :(
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    waveguide off the scale

    if you think you want to learn about doing that, here's a helpful hint -

    try it on one of them, not all of them. ;)
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    Any update? the formula hurt your plants? small amount of humic acid don't hurt them i think

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