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Homemade Grow Room Odor Control

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself Projects' started by steveboy25, Apr 1, 2012.

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    steveboy25 Seedling

    Homemade Grow Room Odor Control

    [IMG]Are you looking to start a grow room at home and keep your garden safe? A common way that grow rooms get exposed is from the strong lingering odor left by your marijuana garden. Though nothing beats a professional system, here’s a great low-cost way to create a effective homemade grow room odor control carbon filtration system that will keep your garden discreet from prying noses!
    Resources Needed:
    HEPA Filter Cartridge
    Silicon Caulking
    Electric Drill
    1/8″ Drill Bit
    4″ Hole-Saw Bit
    4″ Dryer Hose
    4″ Dryer Hose Flange
    5-Gallon Bucket With Airtight Lid
    25lbs. Of Activated Carbon
    Blower Fan
    1. Start with using your 5-gallon bucket as a template on top of the HEPA filter, trace and cut a circle out. Make sure it accurately in the bottom of your bucket. Remove filter, set aside.
    2. Using your drill with the 4″ hole-saw bit, cut a hole in the center of the 5-gallon bucket lid. Test the 4″ dryer hose flange for tight fitment within the hole.
    3. With the dryer hose flange in the hole cut through the bucket lid. Take the silicon and apply caulk around the base of the base of the dryer hose flange and bucket lid. Let this set 4-6hrs for an airtight seal.
    4. Take your drill and use the 1/8″ drill bit and randomly apply a few dozen holes in the bottom of your 5-gallon bucket (this is where fresh air comes out).
    5. Insert your pre-cut HEPA filter into the bottom of your bucket. Add all of the activated carbon. Place lid on bucket and tightly sealed shut. Attach the 4″ dryer hose to the 4″ flange. Now dryer hose is connected to exhaust end of blower.
    This will allow the blower fan to move air from your grow room through your 5-gallon filter. The porous carbon will eliminate all the odors from your garden as the air passes through the filters. A excellent way to clean the air of any smell emitting from your flowering garden.
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    Nice post im sure this will help a noob out there somewhere! It took me like a month of researching to understand what a damn carbon filter i think its funny that i thought it was so complicated to begin with lol.
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    steveboy25 Seedling

    funny you should say that because i thought it was off a car lmao
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    hummmmm HONEY DO LIST , guys, gals you all keep posting things i will be needing to make one of the best grows ever.
    ok my grow box is kind of outside under one of my houses on my land but it is sealed tight . i dont need that filter right no one suppose to be there any ways , off limits to everyone . i dont need this right? what i need is to get my lights right . but i cant stop growing i have started now my clones will be ready then ill stop and get my shit right :) .
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    steveboy25 Seedling

    no guess you dont need one BUT if someone smells skunk and run for police they will soon have pigs flyin over the area to see whats growin or stick the infered on...............but am a new grower sooo thats just my option happy growing
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    HerbalT Senior Moderator

    It's a little quick n dirty, but not a bad option per se. I think you'd definitely want many more holes, and in more places than just the bottom though. The reason commercial carbon scrubbers are designed the way they are is to maximize the surface area of carbon that's exposed to the moving air. This design seems like there's lots of carbon that's not going to be along the path the air takes through the bucket.

    Another problem is that it's far more efficient for the filter to be on the intake side of the blower so that the air is being drawn through the filter and then exhausted, instead of air being blown into the filter. It's not that this way won't work, but the filter as the "intake" for the blower puts less backpressure on the fan, making the fan work less to move the same volume of air. That means less energy used and less noise generated, which can be important to some situations.
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    steveboy25, Great idea.
    HerbalT has an excellent point about the air flow direction.

    My suggestion is to add 2 items (1/4" square wire screen and plastic window screen) and subtract 1, silicone.
    1. cut out 4 large areas out of the side of the bucket, leaving 4-2' legs holding the top and bottom together.
    2. line the inside of the bucket with the1/4" screen then the window screen to hold the AC in place.
    3. make a 4" tube out of the 1/4" screen, line the out side of this tube with the window screen, secure this to the center bottom of the bucket. secure the 4" tin duct to the top of the screen tube. fill the bucket with your AC and slide the lid down over the duct, secure the lid. no need for silicone at this point.
    4. attach 4" duct to the intake of the fan and exhaust out of grow room.

    i make these buckets to screen gravel when I'm out gold panning, minus the window screen of course. i was looking for a way to get my filter off the floor and this will work perfect.

    cool idea steveboy25

    happy growing.

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