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Leaves turning yellow?

Discussion in 'The Plant Nursery' started by Sleet, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Hey, I just recently received a clone from a friend 6 days ago. When I got it I put it under 24/0 for 6 days trying to get roots. I was planning on doing 18/6 tonight and then 12/12 tomorrow. I'm using a Soft White Compact Flourescent 100W and another 70W.

    Just recently some of the leaves have been turning yellow and i've had to clip two of them. I'm assuming this is just because of the constant 24/0, will the plant come back now once I start turning the light off? Just wondering if anyone can help, thanks.

    When I first got it:


    Day 2-3


    After clipping (as plant is now):
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    are there any ferts in the soil? usually when you are getting yellowing leaves its a n deficiency of some sort? are there roots yet? maybe a questionare?
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    I'm not sure exactly whats in the soil because I received the clone as is. I'm not sure if there are any roots yet, I didn't know if it was good to be digging around trying to find them.
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    well if it has roots i would put some of my organic fish crap in there to help with the yellowing
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    What would be the best way to check for roots? Also, organic fish crap? What are you talking about? I just mixed some Miracle-gro with water and sprayed down the soil. I was reading elsewhere that yellowness can be caused from the lack of Nitrogen? Any ideas?
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    bluecheese Best Ass Admin Ever

    Welcome to the Garden! :hello:

    If you put that poor plant in flowering in a couple of days, you will be sorely dissapointed.

    I doubt that clone has roots yet as the leaves aren't "reaching for the sun". I'd let it veg for awhile under good light and let it root.

    Some, but few, people have had success with MG. You're better off getting some Peter's 20-20-20 and using throughout the life of the plant. As it does not appear to have roots yet, soil feeding does no good.
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    cheesewire Kickin @$$ & Smokin Gr@$$

    got to go with slodown on this one, it looks like some tomatoes i had a while back. if the leaves are dying off as new ones appear, then the plant is just recycling the nitrogen that it has stored in its lower leaves to make new leaves at the top. but each time it recycles it needs to make a lil N to get the stem to grow up a bit for that top node, so teh leaves get smaller and smaller till eventually youre left with a stick, with 1 or 2 leaves (literally, 1 or 2 leaves, not leaf sets of like 4 or 5 leaves, but 1 or two) that just sits there.

    anyway i would recommend feeding the clones. ild give it a mederate amount as well. not heavy but not light either.

    good luck :glob:
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    bluecheese Best Ass Admin Ever

    Thread moved to the Nursery.
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    Ok, I just soaked the soil with some Miracle-gro which has about 24% N.

    How often do you think I should be feeding/watering the plant?
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    maybe u need a dome, or a fish tank to put over it to keep in the RH. My clones bottom most leaves are yellowing but it is not wilting. Watch out for that miracle grow, ive only heard bad things. I picked up bc grow, bc boost, bc bloom, as 3 other nutes all in a sample pack for 20 dollars. each bottle of the listed are 1 liter and it also came with some rooting gel. I think it was a great buy.

    If u check for roots, let it dry up a bit so u can pull all the dirt out at once, and see if your rootbound, which i highly doubt. just be careful, i looked at my roots in my rock wool to much and when i put them back in the rocks it smushed them, slowing down the growth of one of my plants. One has 3 inches of roots outta the rock wool. The other one i touched less has roots coming all outta the rockwool, that i can see and 1 root in the water that has doubled in sized in 2 days and other roots just reaching the bottom of the basket. O yeah i grow in a dwc hyrdo system made out of 5 gallon buckets.

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