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mother dying, and tring to keep costs down..

Discussion in 'The Plant Nursery' started by dragonarm99, Apr 20, 2012.

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    dragonarm99 Seedling

    As the subject states, my mother plant is slippping away. After months oof trying to learn how to do all the grrowinng, equipment to buy and cloning, it seems as though I can successfully kill plants. Maybe you can help me.

    I am handy and enjoy saving money so I built dwc buckets found here by rumple. I've built a grow room out of pvc, cardboard and mylar, again saving money. I bought a cloning system (little more than a tray, dome, and jiffy pellets) in hopes of a perpetual grow. Why buy when you can get your own, right.

    I do have one soil grow to see how that goes as well.

    After a few months of building and learning, I had one plant in a dwc and one soil. Both under a t5 grow light. After 6 weeks I transfered the soil plant to the diy room under t5 veg lights (5500k) and kept dwc under a single bulb cfl 6500k light. I took two stems from dwc to try cloning. From what I've read and saw on youtube, I did everything correct. A few nodes (branches?) With each clone, cut bottom with razor at a 45 angle, shaved bottom a little, dipped in root gel, put into jiffy pellet and into dome.

    Both plants aren't looking very well, and its almost a week for the clones and no change at all. No shoots of any kind. They are still green though and kept moist to not dry out. To water clones I use nute spray. Should I use water?

    If anyone can help, id appreciate it. Tell me where I'm going wrong, what needs to change, do I NEED to spend more money? Bc id rather not if possible.

    I'm really trying to keep this simple and as cheap as possible, only looking to grow 2-3 plants at a time (1 mother and 2 clones at most) all hydro if possible.
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    Some pictures would help. Is your mother plant still stuck in veg? Possible deficiencies are nitrogen, zinc, iron..and a few others im not a complete pro. Every problem that could occur to a cannabis plant has been dealt with..some growers on here have seen it!
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    dragonarm99 Seedling

    I couldn't imagine mineral deficiencies only bc I had no problems before and I am using nutes (specific brand eludes me). I will try to post pics later when I get home. But I can say bottom leaves are shrivled like an old mans penis after getting out of an ice bath. Other leaves are looking burned on the edges. If that helps any
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    Hash O'Kief always Hashy

    Ive got that old man peniis thing....
    we don't need a pic of that...just the plant

    maybe a root trim or repot is normal
    sounds like salt build up to me
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    dragonarm99 Seedling

    These are the pics I said i'd upload. Please help, I want to save money and stop buying
    IMG_20120421_002320.jpg IMG_20120421_002307.jpg
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    Is the upper growth closest to the light source the same? The lower growth on my diesel mother plant does this as it gets shaded from any real light for a long period of time.
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    I'd like to chime in if its ok.. I am suspecting it might have to do with either water temp to high, or PH lvls are off. Is it possible you could let us know what those reading are?
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    dragonarm99 Seedling

    Sorry buut I don't have a thermometerr or ph reader. Water is tap or distilled when I can get it. And I have hard water so ph is probably on the high (7+) side.
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    LiveForMusic182 You high bra?

    You gotta understand that ph is the most important thing. If your ph is not correct your plants cannot eat...they will die in no time...or just grow very very poorly with the little amounts of nutrients in the soil.

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    LiveForMusic182 is right, PH is the key .. spend some money on a ph METER .. you will earn it back with heathy plants.

    happy growin

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