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Mychorrizal innoculants

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Lukas, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Lizzie Borden Guest

    My adventures with mycorrhizae have begun. :grin: I went with MycoGrow and it arrived today. I transplanted 16 clones into five gallon buckets, moved them to the flowering room, watered well and then gave 12 of them 1/2 gallon each of MycoGrow solution, prepared according to the package directions. I will report any differences here as they develop. :)

    I'm sure it would have been better if they had been inoculated earlier. Next crop, clones of these, will have it from the start so I'll see how much of a difference that makes, too.

    I use two tablespoons per gallon of 10% P guano in my flowering soil mix, plus a lot more in teas. I hope that's not too much.

    I'd like to find a way to grow these fungi myself, too.
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    Quasi Cannabis Custodian


    would you be willing to let me tag along...since I can forget why I walked into the kitchen......would you be willing to try something like rooting powder/mycor...or strait up mycor on a clipping?
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    jerryskid Banned

    I only ever have grown pot organically and firmly believe that is the only way to grow :D ... but I just wanted to say Im convinced as well after reading the first 5 posts on this topic. this is an essential item for me and anyone else who chooses to grow plants organically for that matter . I cant wait to see the difference it will make. thanks guys.

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    Xgone. FAQd

    I just went to the grow store and picked some up. Im definately using it in my all organic somango grow.
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    Lizzie Borden Guest

    That sounds like a good idea. :thumbs: I'll be cutting clones again in late March/early April. I've also been wanting to experiment with and without rooting hormone, and using willow tree branches to make organic rooting hormone.
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    afterburner Hash Driven

    mycorrhizae & other beneficial fungi have intrigued me for a long time, and I've been searching for an innoculant that is suitable for my nutrients & hydroponic setup.... (pure blend pro, organic hydro, dwc...)

    Does anyone have experience with inoculating organic hydroponic nutrients with mycorrhizae? If so what product/additive did you use or would you reccomend using?

    I've tried one product called Bio-Cat but I dont think it was an actual mycorrhizae innoculant. I had major pH problems, and havent used it since. To thus date I haven't seen any mychorrizal product specificly for hydroponics systems.. Although I've had my eye on advanced nutrients piranha & voodoo juice... Anyone tried either of those?

    I seem to recall reading a hydroponic mychorrizal study talking about how aeration methods may interfere with the fungus's structure... Might anyone have any input on this as well?

    hmm, maybe I'll just buy some plant success tabs and chuck em in my res sometime for experimental sake.. :scratch:

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    Lizzie Borden Guest

    The only compost I have is chicken manure (they eat my kitchen scraps) and I guess they could colonize that but I decided to keep reusing the same soil so I shouldn't have to buy more mycorrhizae, unless I want to try a different kind. :)
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    Beener Grand Master Gardener

    How the heck have I missed this thread with as much as I've been through here? :doh:

    Brindie - Did you buy the Mycogrow "soluble" or tabs? (anyone else?)

    I have the "soluble" on the way myself. I've been working up my mix for the next grow. I have plenty of time to get my mix kick started.

    I've made a 35 gallon base mix, that I haven't added Perlite or my cave bat guano (8-4-1) to yet

    I have however added most of my pH and soil amendments - worm castings, kelp meal, wood ash, sulfate of potash, coco peat, sphagnum peat, and various composted organic forest barks and leaves.

    I'm interested in what form others are using this, and if they've backed off their soil nutes. Seeing as some of my amendments carry NPK, and I plan on adding some other organic "nute" and soil additives yet.

    Any replies would be great. <edit> I have not added the Sulfate of Potash.
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    afterburner Hash Driven

    figured i'd post a brief update, I did find a mychorrizal additive for hydroponics, its called "earth ambrosia" and earth nectar, its a two part kit.

    So far results have been exellent, i've had to drop my ppm's from 2800, to around 2000 to prevent burning. (usng pure blend pro bloom) and the plants look awesome!

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    Lizzie Borden Guest

    I got the soluble. Honestly, I didn't really notice any difference between the plants inoculated at the beginning of flowering and those that weren't. I harvested a week ago and will see if there seems to be any difference in quality or quantity when it's dry. I used the same amount of nutrients on all of them with no burning.

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