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Myron-L Ultrameter 6P

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by MindzEye, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Over the years I have spent a lot of money on meters. When I first started I bought $25 meters off of e-bay.. They worked ok and lasted about a year. After realizing how critical it can be to have a reliable meter at times I decided to invest in better meters.. I tried most brands out there some of them cost $250-$300.. All of them failed over 1-2 years.. I decided to invest some real money in a meter to get something that was well built ..

    At my work there is a water treatment company that treats water for the chillers, cooling towers and the hydronic heating loop. The dude that maintains this is very knowledgeable about water treatment and I saw him taking readings with the Myron-L. I was asking him about it and he said hes had that meter for 5 years and has never replaced the probe. Its still accurate and works properly and he uses it in a commercial application that gets much more use and abuse than growers put their meters through. He probably takes 50 readings a day with it and that water has some crazy oxygen scavengers and biocides in it.

    I was sold but the only thing was its $849 price tag... I bought one anyways about 2 years ago and it works perfect every time.. Im sure I will have this meter for a long time. I read some of the grow journals on here and with as big as some of your gardens are Im sure some of you could afford a meter like this lol. If you want a die hard meter then this is the way to go...

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    Thanks for sharing this gem.

    What is the time to get a solid reading?

    I am definitely looking for something quicker, more reliable and longer lasting than my Eutech meters.
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    For only PH, Hardness, and free chlorine? Eh, I don't know.
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    The time is about 1 min.. Its very durable

    I have on my meter PH, TDS, EC, ORP... What else do you need to grow plants ? This doesnt read free chlorine either.. That is an entirely different meter a chlorometer.. Not sure where your info is coming from..
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    I'm not sayin there is much else you need to know just that 900 bucks for the package strikes me as a little on the high side.

    I'm not expert but it is my understanding that ORP or Oxidation-Reduction Potential is a measure of the oxidizing properties of the sanitizer in water. I think ClOH is more active than ClO and has a higher ORP value. As the pH increases, an ORP sensor shows a decrease in value which reflects the decrease in ClOH. According to the company that makes that device scientific and field studies in Germany and elsewhere have shown that ORP readings are a better indication of bactericidal properties of chlorine than PPM Free Chlorine values.

    So I guess what I'm sayin is you're correct in that it doesn't measure free chlorine per se but it does measure the bactericidal properties of the chlorine present which is why we care about Free Chlorine in the first place.
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Looks like maybe you have a nine hundred dollar meter and you're not using it to it's fullest potential.
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    I Know the meter is costly but if I add the total cost of the meters I have bought in the past it exceeds the cost of this meter and they all took a shit on me. My last meter still works but needs a probe and they cost $125 for that meter and I just wondered how much more money I was going to invest instead of buying a quality meter.

    And your right I don't use all the functions of the meter. I use RO water that is 25 ppm and no chlorine. I don't need to test orp. I just wanted a bullet proof meter that works..
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Makes sense. Sometimes you just gotta fork our the dough to save dough.

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