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Purple Haze #1

Constructed from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety up until the '70, this plant posseses an incredible resin development. Deliver a clear and energetic high.

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Blue Rhino is the outcome of careful selection among numerous plants from a classical breeding procedure that makes positive that simply one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids more knowledgeable growers were demanding.

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One of the first of the Holland seed breeders, Positronics has earned a solid and respected reputation. Positronics set out with the mission of ensuring that home growing supplies were available to everyone.


Discussion in 'Poet's Cafe' started by nigel, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Sso With the faeries

    poets have small dicks??

    oh that explains so much, poetry is just peniscompensation.

    so nigel can just quit this and get a big car?


    of course me, i better get a big car and brush up on my poetry.

    though i did say i have a 9 inch cock. but i guess thats small these days of plastic and surgery :lol:
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    Sso With the faeries

    ok ok , im lying, its only a 8 incher :D

    8,5 on a good day :lol:

    hehehe but its very nice to have heard once in your life, its too big!

    hehehehe , i said give me five minutes darling and ill prove you wrong

    and i did :lol:
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    After that tidbit, I'll never be able to look at you in the same way, Sso. You're measuring the distance from the tip to the ground while flaccid, I assume. :p <- i was almost going to take a pass on using this av- didn't want to give Sso the wrong idea, but by the time you hit my age and have been married for nearly 40 yrs, you stop giving a shit about what people think about sexual preferences. to each his own. whatever gets you through the night. just try to practice the "golden rule" (for want of a better short term) and it's all good.
    (I love it when they go down on you underneath the desk while you're working on pot poetry.) :metal:
    ^^ my attempt at reeling myself back into the topic. sorry, nigel
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    mattdreads the undreaded

    I'm about to unsubscribe to this thread....

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    Sso With the faeries


    people and genitalia sensitivity.
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    illegal-clone Don't squeeze the cheese!

    Or we could care less about peoples penis sizes. ;)

    Go to the ladies lounge and tell them.
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    Sso With the faeries

    ok, so i am a failed comedian.

    note to self, only jokes about having a short member in future. :lol:
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    Sso With the faeries

    im a dick
    im a prick
    and apparantly sick.
    now give me a kick.
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    Sso With the faeries

    oh, im married.
    and not harried.
    so you could say its happily
    and not crappily.

    she doesnt even smoke,
    but is happy that i toke.
    as long as im happy.
    and willing to be a pappy :lol: (god damnit, i knew there was a catch, biatch)
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    mattdreads the undreaded

    always used my pinky as a measuring stick.

    I've even convinced a couple of that. no shit. no poetry, just good clean, straight faced, got them to believe that I had a problem. always bought into it when I used the line doctor said it's operable, but I've been told a couple times it's really easy to suck."

    if the poker face is right, you'd be surprised. lol. I also happen to have a scar on that pinky, and I said I put that there myself when I used to be angry about the length.

    it always starts as an unreasonable joke, and when people start to look like to believe it, I run with it. haha
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