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Refining Butter?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Cooking' started by Yah`mon, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Yah`mon Grand Master Gardener

    So... I'm in the process of experimenting with cannabutter.

    I just made a batch on Tuesday... let it harden in the fridge.... then When it was hard I pulled it out.. melted it down with fresh water and re-hardened... and repeated this process for a 3rd time today... the water on the bottom is much more clear... gets a bit more clear every time... purpose is to make it taste less like marijuana.

    Next round I plan to water cure the trim... soak the trim in water.... once water turns green or dirty... change water.. and keep doing so untill the water is clear... then do the butter process. This should take out chlorophyll and terpins.

    Anyone do this?

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    Kunzite Higher than the Sun

    i've never actually tried your second idea but I always double or tripple cook my butter with fresh water to refine it if you will... Helps the taste and also seems to extend the shelf life.
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    Yah`mon Grand Master Gardener

    Yea, I thought refine best described it. :lol:
    So doing this... ( haven't eaten any yet) do you get it to almost no taste?

    They already taste pretty mild... just trying to get to zero taste....

    also I'm not the most experienced edible eater... but... never seem to get a ton off them... do you recc quitting smoking for a few days? Others eat them ( the ones I make) and get blown away... some light smokers have tried quarter sized peice of a cookie and got blown away... hmm don't get it.

    Yah`mon :p
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    Kunzite Higher than the Sun

    well it still tastes like pot butter, but its much more palletable... different foods are much better at disguising it than others. I generally use it in more savory foods than sweets when im cooking... I' use it on everything and anything from stir fries, curries and rice to potatos and yams. etc. my favorite sweet recipe is baked cannayams :D but yea play around with different stuff. Store the butter in the freezer and use it whenever you feel it.

    Brownies are pretty traditional and chocolate seems to hide the taste the best, although i never make them...

    Theres no need to quit smoking prior, i've found the edible buzz much more enjoyable when i have a significant tolerance as opposed to eating too much with no tolerance... The uncomfortable dose line is hard to guage when you're unfamiliar with your own personal tolerance and the batches potency, which is why its so easy for a light smoker to get blown away... start em off slow and work up, you can always eat more later - and eating too much is generally not much fun. Tollerance builds rather quickly so one persons comfortable dose may send another into hyperspace.
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    bluecheese Best Ass Admin Ever

    vapedg13 has a thread here about washing your cannabutter.

    I tried it and it does taste much better than unwashed butter.

    Unfortunately I don't get high with edibles - except hash candy.
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    Plucky Purcell

    Peanut Butter is excellent in hiding/masking ganja butter taste.
    Citrus flavors work wonders, too, along with cassia and peppermint.

    When you "wash" your butter you can also drop in a tiny amount of distilled vinegar. Fridge, Drain, Fresh Hot Water, Shake, Fridge, Whallah! I just tried the vinegar trick the other day and it seemed to knock down even more of the 'earthy' taste. :2cents:

    Be careful if washing in mason must, I mean must, depressurize the jar or you will end up with hot lava butter, water, and glass all over the place...possibly yourself.
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    Yah`mon Grand Master Gardener

    Yea last batch I actually used Kief in the dry ingredients... 8.2grams for 24 cookies... started off with 1/2 a cookie... not much.. moved to 2... about the same... dunno.

    This time I said fuck it... used 3 oz of trim for 1 lb of butter... we shall see how this goes.. I'll still start with 1/2 a cookie though.

    Went chocolate/chocolate cookies with the kief... they taste ok... but still a mild taste... trying to experiment and get zero taste.... a lot of patients are going to want zero pot taste... due to having little appetite in the first place... hell I find the cookies hard to eat 2 of them.. and were talking MILD taste.

    More experimenting to come though, I'll be doing candies this summer.... trying ugrows method. And maybe some with BHO.

    Yah`mon :afro:
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    jekkler Always learning

    I have the same problem with edibles.. I think if one's tolerance is so high because of smoking, because you can intake a bunch real fast, that when it comes to eating, it would seem unsafe to try to match that in eating.
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    Kunzite Higher than the Sun

    I think the high is just different and its a real fine line between eating too much and not eating enough... Smoking its much more intense, onset is immediate... Eating its more like a rollercoaster, with a gradual buildup and a long slow descent with a few peaks and valleys in the middle... and if your smoking it at the same time it can be hard to differentiate which is which... Honestly I get more satisfaction out of smoking it but at this point in my life I can't smoke so I've learned to walk the tightrope of properly dosing out butter. My biggest problem with it is once you reach the enjoyable buzz dosage your teetering on just falling asleep on the couch, lol ... Eating too much can send you on a trip comparable to mushrooms or some hallucinogen, and yet not eating enough is barely noticeable...
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    bluecheese Best Ass Admin Ever

    That may be true for most people, but my problem is my meds. I don't get very buzzed, even eating a gram or more of frozen BHO.

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