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Security 101

Discussion in 'Security' started by Spacely, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Hello, SeedMine. I've decided that this forum could really use an all-inclusive guide regarding cannabis security. Many newer growers (and experienced growers as well) are not receiving correct information on how to stay safe. To me, keeping each other safe and continuing to grow cannabis is the center of everything we do here at SeedMine. I see too many people fall victim to the drug war as a result of overlooking simple security procedures.

    So, I'm going to try to touch on each major area of grow security to help point folks in the right direction. My goal is to be thorough without being too long-winded. I want people to actually read this and take something from it.


    A little bit is healthy. It helps to keep you on your toes. You should always be aware. However, many people (including myself) get carried away. Just because you hear a helicopter does NOT mean that your house is being circled with a thermal-imaging camera :lol: Take a deep breath and focus on what is REAL.

    Seriously, just fucking zip it. Grow busts/robberies almost always result from someone blabbing too much. I constantly hear people say "oh, but it's just so-and-so, they're cool". You better hope they are. In the real world, many people find that it is not possible for literally NOBODY to know about their grow. This is especially true for those of us who do not live alone. However, you need to understand that no matter who it is, they are a risk. And yes, that includes your baby momma, your mother, your homeboy-since-way-back-when, and anyone else for that matter.

    Smell is the second most common way that growers get busted. Many uninformed growers will spend all of their resources trying to have as many plants and as many lights as possible, meanwhile overlooking their ventilation. No one should grow cannabis indoors without an appropriate carbon filter and exhaust fan. As a rule of thumb, the CFM of your exhaust fan should be about half of the wattage of your grow. The CFM rating of your carbon filter should be equal to or greater than the CFM rating of your fan. If your grow stinks, it is because your intake and/or exhaust is ineffective.

    STOP WORRYING! High electric use is NOT a red flag. This is the most common misconception that I see regarding grow security. Pay your bill on time every month, and you have nothing to worry about. My electric bill is almost as much as my rent. There are so many people out there with huge electric bills for legit reasons, it is not worth the time to investigate anyone. Not to mention, your electric company is a private company that sells power for a living. If you want to buy a large amount of power from them, that makes you one of their top customers. The only time you need to be concerned about your electric bill is if the bill goes through someone else's hands. If the bill is in the name of your landlord and then you pay your landlord, then you might want to find a new place to live (or just keep the grow small).

    This is an issue that I see many newer growers are paranoid about. When it comes to seeds, I highly recommend using a prepaid debit gift card. These can be purchased at stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, etc. They allow you to anonymously purchase seeds. I would not get seeds sent to a house where I was actively growing. However, I would say it's okay to get seeds sent to your house before the grow has started. Also, I have never heard of a situation where someone got in trouble for ordering cannabis seeds. The standard procedure is that US Customs will confiscate the seeds and then send you a letter, wagging their finger at you.

    As far as equipment, I would be less paranoid. I order grow equipment in my name to my grow house, and I know other commercial growers that do the same. Hydro stores know what's up, and they are usually very discreet. The bottom line is that for the police to be pulling records of your internet purchases, you would have to have screwed up already in some other area.

    For me, this is my least favorite part of growing. I feel vulnerable when I have to carry in large bags of perlite or large jugs of nutes in front of my neighbors. For larger items such as these, I prefer to bring things in at night. Some would disagree with me and say that moving at night is more suspicous, but I feel like it is NOT an option to let my neighbors get a clear look at me in broad daylight hauling such large items in. I use giant black contractor bags to cover bags of perlite and 6 gal jugs of nutes. Again, this looks suspicious, but I have no choice. As often as possible, I try to disguise smaller items and bring them inside casually during the day. Putting incriminating items in your grocery/shopping bags or into cardboard boxes can help avoid suspicion. If you have an attached garage, you are one step ahead of me :lol:

    Whatever you do, please do not EVER put illegal materials such as dirt, roots, nute jugs, etc. out in front of your house with the regular garbage. You're just signing your own search warrant. For smaller grows, composting is the best option. Anything that needs to be thrown away should be taken to a dump. In a pinch, you can dump stuff in a random public dumpster, but this is risky and so I do not recommend it.

    Prepaid phones. Period. Keep in mind that communication does not only refer to selling. Calling hydro stores, buying seeds, buying clones, etc are all things that I am not willing to do on my regular contract phone.

    Don't answer it! If you aren't expecting anyone, just ignore it. It could be ANYONE! It could even be a police officer. As soon as you open your door, there are a million different probable causes that the police can come up with. With the door closed, you eliminate many of them.

    It is important to keep the exterior of your home looking presentable. You want to create the right image and avoid being suspected of wrongdoing. Keep your lawn mowed, pick up trash in the yard, etc. Also, maintain the right relationship with your neighbors. You want to be friendly with them, but not FRIENDS with them. You don't want them to know you too well, or ask too many questions. But, you also want them to like you.

    Additionally, you should make sure to keep your personal conduct and image in check in your personal life as well. Dress respectably, be polite, avoid impulsive decisions, etc. Make sure to keep your car clean and smelling fresh. You need to remember that things like speeding tickets, fist fights, etc. are no longer "minor" issues now that you are growing.

    This will vary for everyone. Obviously, you would have to have a decent sized grow in order for it to influence your living situation. Of course, BUYING a house is the safest way to go. If you are not able to buy, it is important that you are careful who you rent from. I recommend finding a hands-off landlord or a management company that has too many properties to worry about you.

    As far as the area, I would say it really depends on your personal situation. Nice suburbs, country areas, and urban settings all have their advantages and disadvantages. For small personal grows, this is not very crucial. For larger commercial operations, a great deal of thought should go into deciding on a location.

    As far as the grow itself, you need to be thinking about your ventilation first and foremost. Make sure the house is going to give you some intake/exhaust options. You should also make sure that the electrical in the house is solid (obviously).

    I have a rule at my house that I don't smoke weed on the main floor of the house. I keep the main floor smelling nice and looking tidy, in order to portray the right image. I have a bedroom that is converted into my secret living room where I do all my smoking :D

    A common issue for many growers is the issue of having people in your house. This all depends on the size of your grow, your personal life, etc. Myself, I don't allow anyone inside my house that doesn't need to be here. I don't order pizza, I don't have friends over to party, etc. I don't even like the idea of hiring a landscaping crew :lol:

    Throughout your grow, you should constantly be checking for safety hazards. Keep electricity and water as far apart as possible. Make sure all electrical connections are clean and secure. Make sure nothing is in danger of falling or breaking. A small fire, flood, or accident can turn into disaster very quickly (especially if you are not home at the time).

    If the police are banging on your door, please, do not answer it! Do not ever consent to a search of your home, your vehicle, or your person. If there is ever a moment where you are unsure of what to say, either remain silent or ask for a lawyer. Do not make any statements to the police if you are in a legal pickle... it will only come back to haunt you. Oh, and if you get pulled over and you have weed on you, and the cops ask where you are coming from, don't say "my house". You're just signing their warrant once again.

    That's all I've got for right now. I hope at least a few people take something from this. As growers, we need to remain strong and well-informed for the sake of the cause. To the new growers and those who are considering growing: don't be scared, be informed!

    Stay safe everyone! This :bong2: is for you.

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