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Why we need to turn in our firearms and ammo to the feds Monday

Discussion in 'Security' started by zoo, Oct 3, 2011.

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    xjo Best Ass Admin Ever

    Get this thread back on topic please
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    nigel 'pot poet outlaw'

    funny article; google

    New Trajectory : Guns for Stoners. lol, nigel

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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Please tell me you're kidding. You HAVE been reading this thread haven't you? lol.

    Cause if you haven't, I do believe you should head on down to your local police station and turn in your balls this very moment!
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    Actually I shoot pretty well when I'm stoned. I can sit on my couch and shoot a pretty damn tight pattern in my living room ceiling.
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    crying2grow perfect specimen

    Einstein proclaimed that world war IV would be fought with sticks and stones.

    Imagine stoners fighting other stoners that way. :fencers::fencers:

    Thing is, IMVHO, once society conjurs up enough laws, then crime will prevail.

    I just wish that today's society was like it was at the signing of the declaration of independence. I mean, if it was still like what our founding fathers wished, then we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

    A shame that technology has ruined just about everything, including firearms. So i think that any political argument is secondary because our own set of laws have been broken time and time again. I think there is no such thing as the constitution or the bill of rights anymore. The monoliths have taken it all away...little at a time. Just build new towers for cell phones and keep people on them night and day so they don't notice the world they truly live in.

    Regardless, it's my opinion that everyone has the right to do whatever they please as long as it doesn't harm another. The very thing the constitution wrote!

    But now, imo, the constitution is a Grimm's fairy tale. :2cents:
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    " Hey man.. those r my Funyuns!!!" :blast:
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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    It just occurred to me, some of you might not have balls in the first place. If so, well then get down there and TURN IN YOUR OVARIES!

    Let me warn you though, the process is going to be a little more painful. The officers are actually going to have to reach up there and yank them out.

    Hold on a second, BUZZ...! Do you have another solution? I don't think the brick is going to work on this one.
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    crying2grow perfect specimen

    I agree wholeheartedly, zoo, as there are females present here. I'm not sure that asking them to turn their ovaries in will conclude a decent outcome nor gain their appreciation for such a bold statement.

    Ease up, mate. Everything is fine and dandy. :)
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    waveguide off the scale

    shucks.. they changed their name, they're ball hort now. used to be ball seed. got a cap that says so when i was working seeds. classy gear.

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    zoo monkwithoutabunk

    I think you're just mad at me because you have both and have to report down at the police station again.
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