How can I breed a plant that’s high THC or high in CBDs?

How can I breed a plant that’s high THC or high in CBDs?

Plants are natural elements of the Earth. Among the many different breeds of plants, some have been classified to be edible while others exist to serve as natural habitats to other living entities that also reside within the planet. Over many years, varieties of plants have been discovered and put into further study as to their significance in terms of structure, components and implications to life. One of the many discoveries that made an impact to the world is marijuana.

Marijuana is scientifically recognized as cannabis which was found to be highly effective as psychoactive drug and can be therapeutically taken as well, since its major component is the Cannabidiol CBD. Cannabidiol is known to cause sedative effects and comes in several forms of chemicals such as the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Further studies have shown that marijuana basically comes from two types of strains. One is the Cannabis Sativa, where it contains mild aroma thereby creating only sweet, spicy, fruity and less intense flavor. The other Marijuana Strain is Indica, which was found to contain stronger flavor and is much more intense compared to Cannabis Sativa.

Because of these findings, medical experts have considered using marijuana in treating several medical conditions, such as relieving pains from various causes, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and other symptoms related to serious conditions like multiple sclerosis and digestive disorders. And as the number of people acquiring such conditions continues to heighten, many experts have thought of becoming Cannabis Breeders to actually meet the demands of the people seeking treatment.

Thus, techniques and methods have been formulated for people to learn how to grow and breed and plants that contain significant levels of THC or CBD, primarily for medical purposes.

In order to breed plants high in THC or CBD, one must have to consider the kind of strain that will be planted. As stipulated, Indica contains a greater ratio of THC to CBD. Thus, the sedation level is much more intense.

In actual breeding, male seeds containing high levels of TCH breed on female plants that are known to grow fast. Once they have undergone the normal plant life cycle and the male plant starts to flower, they should be separated from the female population to actually prevent the process of pollination to occur, as this alters the level of THC contained among the male plants. While waiting for the female plants to mature, pollens produced by male plants are saved and kept safely so that by the time female plants are ready to pollinate, the process runs smoothly.

During pollination, different pollens from two different males are placed in separate branches. After approximately 2 weeks, seeds must be visible.

In most cases, Marijuana Strains with high levels of THC or CBD usually come from successful breeding of two very different Marijuana Strains of the plant. When the entire goes evidently well, it is expected that the plants growing in one's garden contain high levels of THC or CBD.


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