Portland Area Bust Nets 1 Million Dollars Worth of Weed

Portland Area Bust Nets 1 Million Dollars Worth of Weed

  • Burny Canterbury
  • February 22, 2012
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Million dollar marijuana busts aren't exactly everyday occasions--and when the marijuana seed growers are all Chinese Nationals, it's a once every century kind of bust. The five Portland residents were arrested last week in connection with a bust estimated at $1,000,000 by Oregon sheriffs. In addition to the massive amount of pot, the cops also confiscated a car and $6500 in cash.

The pot was confirmed as a for-profit grow, and the quintet was not part of any medical marijuana growth operation. Concerned community members called the police to report possible drug activity, which in turn has resulted in the arrest of the five men.

Oregon is one of the fortunate states where medical cannabis was legal; most likely, these dudes were running a front to take advantage of the law in order to move marijuana cross-country. I'm not sure whether to applaud these guys for fighting for freedom or scold them for skirting the law. Either way, the Year of the Dragon was not a lucky one for this group of immigrants chasing the American dream through cannabis seed cultivation.



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