High Yield Cannabis Seeds

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500-750 gr/m2

Roadrunner Automatic


Dinafem Feminized Seeds Roadrunner Automatic is a really popular acquisition to many botanical preservation projects...

€3.94 - €9.34 / seed


500-750 gr/m2

Grape Stomper X OG (Underdawg) F1

Gage Green Seeds

You asked for it and now it has finally arrived. Awesome genetics coming from The Grape Stomper (aka Sour Grapes)...

€7.77 / seed


750-1 000 gr/m2

Blue Hash


Lots of individuals like color and taste within their plants, without ruling out production and strength. The...

€6.90 - €12.75 / seed


750-1 000 gr/m2

Island Sweet Skunk

Next Generation Seeds

Next Generation Seeds Island Sweet Skunk twice won 1st place winner at the BC Harvest Cup.

€5.61 - €15.95 / seed

(Fem / Reg)

800 gr/m2


Green House

€4.83 - €6.67 / seed


750-1 000 gr/m2


Holy Smoke Seeds

This variety has arms like King Kong and fists to match! It is a seriously hairy and sweating beast . A stone of...

€5.80 - €13.34 / seed

(Fem / Reg)


High Yield Info

The highest yield hemp seeds varieties. As requested by lots of raisers that concentrate on yield, right here is a listing of strains breed, reported and confirmed to be our high yielders. Many appropriate cannabis seeds strains for creation oriented increasing. If you grow for the highest yields feasible choose amongst these strains.

The strains in the High Yielding Hemp Seeds classification are the most productive strains you can easily locate. This group includes among others the notorious Substantial Bud and comparable hemp strains. If you have restricted space or you just prefer to maximize your weed harvest by having very little effort, High Yielding cannabis seeds are the leading to choose from.