Indica Cannabis Seeds

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LA Confidential

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics Seeds presents LA Confidential. There are two genuine phenotypes. DNA's LA Confidential has received...

€7.25 - €13.92 / seed

(Fem / Reg)


Purple Pineberry

Secret Valley Seeds

Purple Pineberry is a variety that we have selectively bred and it is a great hardy plant that boasts a distinct...

€4.49 - €16.01 / seed

(Fem / Reg)


White Indica

Ceres Seeds

CASH CROP! This speedy flowering plant with lustrous buds is white covered, high yielding and an incredibly powerful...

€3.14 - €9.96 / seed

(Fem / Reg)


Northern Lights

Willy Jack Seeds

Willy Jack Seeds simply couldn’t resist adding the famous Northern Lights to their range.

Out of Stock


Northern Lights

Ministry of Cannabis

These Ministry of Cannabis Northern Lights is regarded as a pure Indica and is among the many strong and celebrated...

€5.37 - €7.46 / seed



Purple Kush Automatic

Buddha Seeds

New autoflowering strain from the fertile valleys and slopes of the Hindu Kush; our fast-flowering, 100% purple...

€4.95 - €7.42 / seed



Indica Info

Indica seeds are cultivated for their remedial properties. Broken down chemically, the seeds are made up of more cannabinoids than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabinoids (CBN) are complex compounds that activate the brain receptors that control our feelings of pain, so indica plants are known to create a sedative high uncharacteristic of seeds with the opposite genetic makeup (sativas). The higher CBN content found in indica catalyzes its importance in treating chronic pain.

Originating from the mountainous regions of southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, indicas are sought after for more medicinal use than recreational. Aside from pain management, indicas have traditionally been used in medicine to treat stress and anxiety disorders, insomnia, and muscular issues, like tremors and spasms. Providing a calming, serene feeling, the plants are often called upon to remedy various gastrointestinal ailments (nausea, appetite deficiency).

The plants themselves are dense and short, featuring bushy, broad leaves and thick, conical shaped buds. Once harvested you can tell an indica from sativas and other strains by its pungent, stinky, skunky smell; they can produce a sweet, fruity taste as well. Since the plant is highly concentrated, when indica is burned a thick smoke resonates, often causing an intense cough.

Indoor growers can produce strains of indica very easily due to their short stature, high yield, and speedy maturing period. If you plan to harvest indicas, check out our selection of maximum quality seeds.