Sativa Cannabis Seeds

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Amnesia Haze

Soma Seeds

Amnesia Haze from the Soma Seedbank is an excellent Sativa cannabis strain. This pure sativa seed will make a great...

€15.00 - €22.62 / seed

(Fem / Reg)


Malawi Gold

Holy Smoke Seeds

Finally offered in seed form the Internationally renowned Malawi Gold, South Africa’s most wanted Sativa, due to its...

€2.90 - €3.46 / seed



Jack Plant

Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds Jack Plant Seeds are a Jack Herer cross with sativa instincts.

€9.66 - €13.64 / seed



OG Ghost Train Haze #1

Rare Dankness

The Original Ghost OG crossed with the Nevil's Wreck. A powerful amped up high, with the most amazing, sugary trichs...

Out of Stock


Mozambique Poison

Holy Smoke Seeds

Bordering South Africa Mozambique has become a extremely tough place because of constant fighting but due to this...

€2.90 - €3.46 / seed



Orange Haze

Green Devil Seeds

Green Devil Seeds Orange Haze is the additional main Sativa invented by Green Devil Genetics. Unlike their other...

€4.99 / seed



Sativa Info

Sativas are sought after for cerebral, soaring highs. Comprised of more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than cannabinoids (CBN), sativa seeds are cultivated to produce energetic, brain-stimulating highs for users seeking a hallucinogenic experience. While its cousin indica is namely used for medicinal purposes, sativa's uplifting yet spacey effect is popular for social smoking.

Originally grown wild in the equatorial regions of Latin America and Southeast Asia, sativas have a more prominent psychological effect on the human nervous system and can provide relief for smokers with mood disorders. Since sativas are more stimulating than indicas, their strains are more effective in stimulating appetite and relieving depression, frustration, migraines, pain, and nausea.

Sativa plants feature narrow, small leaves and grow to be gangly, tall, and thin. They're usually a lighter green color, contrasting with the deep hues characteristic of most indica strains. You can also tell a sativa by its sweet and fruity scent.

Sativa strains are can provide a multitude of benefits for users, but indoor growers should take care to provide their sativa plants with plenty of light since the absence of CBN makes them resilient to maturity. Browse through the dozens of sativa seeds we've got in stock to find one best suited for your operation.